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The Archeological Mines Parks of San SilvestroA journey into the heart of the land The San Silvestro Archaeological Mines Park extends over an area of 450 hectares on the hills to the north of Ca
The Archaeological Park of Baratti and PopuloniaPopulonia, the only Etruscan city by the sea Stretching over 80 hectares between the slopes of the promontory of Piombino and the Gulf of Baratti, th
Nature reserves of Montioni and Poggio NeriAn island of green hillsMontioni: There are 7000 hectares of tree-covered hills where the visitor can roam along countless paths once used by woodcutt
The Val di Cornia ParksA stone’s throw from Elba Island, in the province of Livorno, a system of archaeological parks and nature reserves invites you to explore a land
The coastal parks of Sterpaia and RimiglianoWhere the sea meet the green Sterpaia: 10km of splendid beaches overlooking an azure sea and inserted into an extremely precious natural habitat cov