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Ancient is the origin of this town and the first documents who they speak of it date back to the year 1000.

Sassetta was a Castle of some importance, that around the XI century was held in Lordship from Pisa from Orlandi family that subsequently drew their name from this land. The Orlandi of the Sassetta held this Lordship in subjection until 1516 when, declared rebels by the Florentine Republic under which were active, they were stripped losing the assets and the castle. Came to power the Doctors and reviewing the feudal lands their employees, subsequently gave this feud to several protected them, and definitively to the Montalvo family Ramirez. The land and the castle of Sassetta continuously followed the events historical Medici before the House, then of that of Lorraine.
In the year 1836 the Municipality of Sassetta was combined with Grosseto to which he remained for several years, returning following the province of Pisa and after that of Livorno.
The arms used by this ancient Tuscan Municipality has the following blazon: red, the tower has two silver pieces embattled open and windowed.
For those who love art you can admire, in the ' ancient Church St. Andrew the Apostle a Romanesque baptismal font bearing the emblem of the Sassetta Orlandi, a Madonna on wood, of great artistic value, by an unknown artist of the 400, and a rare cross Rock Crystal century. XV
The territory of Sassetta, geographically, extends between valley of the river Cornia and the river Cecina; while Ponente to join the Monte Calvi, of Campiglia, with hillocks of Castagneto, the county Della Gherardesca. recommend: